If you have been living in this city and you want to have the complete details and information about the Ramadan 2018 then in this post, we will let you know about the New York Ramadan Calendar. Just for the information for all the Muslims who are there in this city, they have to keep in mind that this Holy month will be starting from the Tuesday, May 15, 2018 and it will be ended on the Thursday, June 14, 2018. In this Ramadan 2018 timetable, they can get the complete information about the Sehri and also about the Iftari timings. With this complete Ramadan 2018 timetable, all the Muslims of New York will now be performing their Sehri and Iftari tight on time by remembering Allah all the time. As we all know that the starting date of Ramadan is different.

New York Ramadan Calendar Timetable Starting and Ending Date: Tuesday, May 15, 2018 till Thursday, June 14, 2018

We are sure that all the Muslim community who will be living this city, they will be much feeling blessed and happy because of the arrival of this Holy month. Now, they will be praying more and more, they will find peace in this Holy month and no sins will be committed by them. If you are in this city or you have been making plans to move in this city then make sure that you do also get in hand this New York Ramadan Calendar timetable 2018. This timetable for the Ramadan month will be giving complete and 100% details about timings and also the duration about the Sehri and Iftar timings. For all the Muslims, if they also want to have the timetable for the Ramadan month for some other city then they can also get it right from this webpage.

new york ramadan calendar

New York Ramadan Calendar 2018

Ramdan Date Day Sehr Time Iftar Time
1st 16-May-2018 Wednesday 4:07 AM 8:07 PM
2nd 17-May-2018 Thursday 4:06 AM 8:08 PM
3rd 18-May-2018 Friday 4:04 AM 8:09 PM
4th 19-May-2018 Saturday 4:03 AM 8:10 PM
5th 20-May-2018 Sunday 4:02 AM 8:11 PM
6th 21-May-2018 Monday 4:01 AM 8:12 PM
7th 22-May-2018 Tuesday 4:00 AM 8:13 PM
8th 23-May-2018 Wednesday 3:58 AM 8:14 PM
9th 24-May-2018 Thursday 3:57 AM 8:14 PM
10th 25-May-2018 Friday 3:56 AM 8:15 PM
11th 26-May-2018 Saturday 3:55 AM 8:16 PM
12th 27-May-2018 Sunday 3:54 AM 8:17 PM
13th 28-May-2018 Monday 3:53 AM 8:18 PM
14th 29-May-2018 Tuesday 3:52 AM 8:19 PM
15th 30-May-2018 Wednesday 3:52 AM 8:19 PM
16th 31-May-2018 Thursday 3:51 AM 8:20 PM
17th 1-Jun-2018 Friday 3:50 AM 8:21 PM
18th 2-Jun-2018 Saturday 3:49 AM 8:22 PM
19th 3-Jun-2018 Sunday 3:49 AM 8:22 PM
20th 4-Jun-2018 Monday 3:48 AM 8:23 PM

21st 5-Jun-2018 Tuesday 3:47 AM 8:24 PM
22nd 6-Jun-2018 Wednesday 3:47 AM 8:24 PM
23rd 7-Jun-2018 Thursday 3:46 AM 8:25 PM
24th 8-Jun-2018 Friday 3:46 AM 8:26 PM
25th 9-Jun-2018 Saturday 3:45 AM 8:26 PM
26th 10-Jun-2018 Sunday 3:45 AM 8:27 PM
27th 11-Jun-2018 Monday 3:45 AM 8:27 PM
28th 12-Jun-2018 Tuesday 3:44 AM 8:28 PM
29th 13-Jun-2018 Wednesday 3:44 AM 8:28 PM
30th 14-Jun-2018 Thursday 3:44 AM 8:29 PM